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Instructions for the Artdio Orb speaker-USB flash memory player

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Picture of the artdio USB player Note: In these instructions the Artdio speaker-USB flash memory player will be referred to as the “player”, also the USB flash key-drive - memory stick, will be shorten to “memory stick”.

What is in the box.

The player, a power adapter,4 triple A batteries and a 3.5mm stereo jack lead.

Note: We do not supply replacement triple A batteries.

The player

This Circular orb player has a flat base with 4 rubber feet, in the middle is the battery compartment and the top is sloping with a speaker in the middle. The controls are set around this speaker so naming them in a clockwise direction we have:

AT 12 o’clock, this 2 position sliding switch is for normal or repeat, the normal position is to the left, slide it to right and the player will repeat the article which is playing, slide it back to the left, the player will play the complete news.
At 1 o’clock, is the jump to the next article button, so by pressing this button you can jump forward through the articles in the news.
At 3 o’clock, is the volume up button, pressing this will increase the volume.
Just past 4 O’clock, is the equalizer button, this will change the tone of what ever you are playing, there are 6 different settings.
At 6 O’clock, is the sliding power on-off switch, the off position is to the left so to turn it on slide it to the right.
Just past 7 O’clock, is the play-pause button, pressing this will start the player, press it again and it will pause the player as on a cassette machine.
At 9 O’clock, is the volume down button, pressing this will decrease the volume.
At 11 O’clock position is the jump back to the previous article button, so by pressing this button you can jump back through the articles in the news.

Down the back edge there are 3 input sockets, the one near the top is a rectangle shape this is where the Memory stick is plugged in.
The middle socket is where the 3.5mm jack is plugged in if you wish to use the player as a speaker.
The bottom socket, which is also slightly recess, is for the power adapter plug.

Inserting batteries

The battery compartment is set in the bottom of the player. To access it turn the player upside down with the input sockets pointing to the left. The catch that holds the battery cover in place lies between the 2 rubber feet furthest away from you.
Insert a finger nail into the slot you will find there and using a little pressure towards you and lifting it up the cover will come away from the player revealing the battery compartment.
When inserting the 4 batteries, first make sure that the release ribbon will lie under the batteries so it is easy to remove them when they need changing.
Now insert the batteries so the flat end of each battery is against a spring.
Replace the cover by sliding the 2 lugs under the edge nearest to you and then pressing down until the catch locks into place.

Note: The batteries lie in Alternate directions, also the player tends to go through these batteries rather rapidly.

Important note: if you have been using batteries and they run flat plugging in the power supply will not work until you have removed the flat batteries

Connecting the power adapter.

Plug in the AC-DC power adapter to the nearest convenient wall socket, then plug the other end of the lead into the bottom socket of the player. The player is now ready to play the Memory stick.

The Memory stick

The Memory sticks which come from Reading's TN will be posted to you in the same plastic wallets as the cassette tapes were.
These Memory sticks come with a swivel cover on which there is a label attached by a key ring, there is also a fuzzy dot on one side of the hinge, this is to help you with the orientation of the Memory stick when you come to plug it into the player.
To reveal the USB plug take hold of the fin sides at the end of the Memory stick and with the other hand the cover, now swivel the cover away from you. The USB plug is revealed and now it is ready to plug into the player.

Note: Before replacing the Memory stick in the wallet to return it to us, please swivel the cover over the USB plug.

How to play the audio from the Memory stick on the player

To play the audio on the Memory stick first locate the USB socket on the player, you will find it at the top of the back edge, there is a fuzzy dot along side the socket, after lining this fuzzy dot up with the one on the Memory stick plug the Memory stick into the socket.
Now turn the player on by sliding the on-off switch to the right, located at 6 O’clock.
The player will start playing the news at the beginning of the weeks news.
If the volume needs adjusting, press the button located at 3 O’clock to increase or located at 9 O’clock to decrease it.
If you wish to go to the next article press the button located at 1 O’clock.
If you wish to hear a previous article, press the button located at 11 O’clock.
If someone calls so you wish to pause the player, press the play-pause button located just after 7 O’clock, to restart the audio playing, press this button again same as you would do with a cassette machine.
If you are unhappy with the tone you can try one of the other 6 sound settings by pressing the button located just after 4 O’clock.

Important note:

when the player is turned off or the Memory stick is removed, the player will not remember its position and so when the Memory stick is replaced or the player is turned on, the audio will start at the beginning of the news.

What to do to carry on listening to the news from where you left off.

What to check if the player doesn't start when the on-off switch, at 6 O'clock, is pushed to the right

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