Firstly, any new skill that you use on your Alexa must be enabled, this action is simply completed using your voice.
First say Alexa Enable Talking Newspapers.

Please note: Sometimes your Alexa Skill is not set up to allow you to do this and it has to be done manually through the Alexa App on a smart device.

To do this signed in to your account:

  1. Open Alexa app on smartphone or tablet
  2. Choose MORE [Bottom Right]
  3. Choose SKILLS & GAMES
  4. SEARCH with magnifying glass for TALKING NEWSPAPERS
  5. Choose the [cid:image001.jpg@01D75490.462D32B0] BWBF black & orange news logo
  6. ENABLE the skill that it shows

It should now be working OK

Once the skill is enabled, the skill needs to be opened, this can done by asking Alexa Open Talking Newspapers.
The introduction message will be announced and at the end will ask you to provide a Talking Newspaper name.
Please wait for Alexa to provide the ready to listen notification, a ‘dring sound’.
Then say Reading's talking news this week.
Or Reading's talking news previous week, if you had missed that week.
Please note that as Alexa is ready to listen at this point you don’t need to say Alexa in front of the name jus the new newspaper name itself.
Alexa will then ask is this the name you wanted, again wait for Alexa to be ready and say yes to play or no, if this is not correct and you will be asked for the name again.

If you want to skip tracks you need to say Alexa Next Track the current track will stop playing and the new track will play straight away.
This is also the same for any Alexa previous track requests.
If you have reached the last track or there is only one track for the publication you are listening to when you say Alexa Next Track it will announce, You have reached the end of this Newspaper and continue playing that last track to the end.

Should you wish to pause the current publication you can say Alexa Stop or Alexa Pause this will stop the play back. If you want to continue say Alexa Play and the position will be resumed.

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